We are an agro-industrial group committed to the sustainable, economic, and social development of the farmers with whom we work.

We offer state-of-the-art technological and technical solutions to promote more productive, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly agriculture.

Listening to the needs and concerns of farmers around the world drives us to work hard to meet the major  challenges of agriculture.


Success stories

Technified greenhouse that increases tomato production by 20 per cent with less water and energy

Greenhouse technologically equipped to optimise resources, seek better climate control and greater performance in cultural work. The first results, after…

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Modernisation of irrigation of more than 2,500 hectares with non-conventional waters

Irrigation modernisation project of 2,500 hectares, designed under the approach of circular economy, zero discharge and energy efficiency. The agricultural…

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Hydraulic equipment for irrigation water saving in Morocco

The installation of hydraulic equipment will allow savings of 50 percent in a project to modernise the perimeter of Aoulouz…

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Greenhouses with two cultivation sectors and cooling system

The project realised for the Government of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates consists of a cellular polycarbonate greenhouse with…

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Specialist course in hemp cultivation in greenhouses with technology

The course covers all the necessary knowledge for the production of crops in greenhouses with high technological equipment and can…

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Circular economy in viticulture and oenology

The objective is to establish sustainable production guidelines from the triple economic, social and environmental perspective of the vineyard and…

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Genetic improvement of almond trees

The objective of the CEBAS-CSIC Almond Tree Breeding program is to obtain new varieties adapted to the different climatic conditions…

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Avocado Irrigation and Fertigation in the open air

It has fertigation and precision irrigation with humidity, temperature and EC probes in the soil. Dripper at 0.6 cm and…

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