We are an agro-industrial group committed to the sustainable, economic, and social development of the farmers with whom we work.

We offer state-of-the-art technological and technical solutions to promote more productive, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly agriculture.

Listening to the needs and concerns of farmers around the world drives us to work hard to meet the major  challenges of agriculture.


Success stories

Tomato in hydroponics with v-channel

In this project for tomato cultivation, the Auxprotec V-channel is used, specially designed to collect the drainagespecially designed to collect…

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Strawberry cultivation in hydroponics with T-drainage

In this project for the cultivation of strawberries, the Auxprotec® V gutter is used, specially designed to collect the drainage…

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NFT channel

This lettuce growing project uses the Auxprotec® NFT gutter specially designed for the use of micro irrigation for a constant…

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Hydroponic tomato growing

In this project has used the Economy Auxprotec® drainage gutter as the most economical version and as a semi-rigid gutter…

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Safety from water with high organic load

The Northern Cape province is a very dry area, where the main source of water comes from the Orange River…

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Maximum profitability in organic olive groves

The challenge we faced in this installation was to look for a saving in the application of chemical products, seeking…

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20-hectare global agricultural project in Senegal

New 20-hectare global project in Senegal. The infrastructure includes asupermarket where fresh produce will be made available to the local…

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Technified greenhouse that increases tomato production by 20 per cent with less water and energy

Greenhouse technologically equipped to optimise resources, seek better climate control and greater performance in cultural work. The first results, after…

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