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Hidroconta manufactures and distributes products for the management of irrigation water, such as meters, valves, hydrants or telecontrol systems. We treasure more than twenty-five years of experience in this sector, with highly qualified professionals and developing projects and integral solutions, always with the highest quality, economy and efficiency in each of our products.

The development of our company is based on technological innovation and constant improvement to adapt the product in the panorama of a global market.

Hidroconta has a highly qualified team with great experience in the international field, demonstrated by the good result in each of the projects carried out by the company.


Demeter. Sistema de Telecontrol

Latest generation technology capable of controlling water management based on remote control.

State-of-the-art system developed by Hidroconta with its own exclusive technology.

The control of the irrigation network requires connection between hundreds of hectares. Hidroconta has developed a new Generation of Remote Units based on telecontrol.
It is a modular system that can be adapted to most hydraulic installations.

The Demeter system is characterised by its low consumption.
It allows us to control the irrigation or supply network from any mobile device and thus detect alarms, control quotas, generate histories or users.

Contador HidroWoltmann

Solution for greater water control. WOLTMAN type irrigation connector

El contador HidroWoltmann de Hidroconta ha sido diseñado para favorecer el correcto empuje del agua sobre la hélice. Dispone de un dispositivo de regulación simétrica que distribuye la carga de entrada equilibrando el flujo.

Para prolongar la vida útil del mecanismo, el diseño de HidroWoltmann, realiza una compensación hidrodinámica evitando empujes externos en el eje de la hélice.

Con un mecanismo totalmente independiente y protegido, el HidroWoltmann, permite una reparación más sencilla, sin necesidad de extraer el contador de la instalación, una mayor durabilidad y seguridad del frente a fraudes

Válvula Hidráulica de Membrana

Solución para un mayor control hídrico

La válvula VHM de utilización manual está controlada por el fluido del conducto, retirado de la válvula misma o del fluido externo a presión ≥ de aquella interceptada. Introduciendo fluido sobre la membrana, se provoca el cierre de la válvula. Para abrir, se evacua el fluido presente en la cámara de la membrana al exterior o en conducto a la cuenca de la válvula, la membrana se puede levantar y la válvula abre bajo la presión del fluido del conducto.


Meter + Valve

Hydrants are mechanical elements that compose the irrigation network with the function of allowing the delivery of water with a certain pressure and flow. It is the key element of the irrigation network, Hidroconta, with the union of the HidroWoltmann meter and the hydraulic diaphragm valve joins the necessary technology to control the network in a precise way.

Contador de Chorro multiple

High precision counter

Hydrodynamic design,
The multi-jet technology ensures uniform load distribution on the turbine thanks to the diffuser located at the water inlet. The movement activates the magnetic transmission that will give the final reading of the volume.

High Protection
Hidroconta’s multi-jet meters are designed to avoid external manipulation by magnetic fields. They have a special shielding that covers the clockwork which prevents any possible fraud in the transmission and therefore in the result of the reading.

The meter’s clock has a pre-installation that allows a pulse emitter to be placed, without having to stop the meter, this will give information on the reading.

Materials: cast iron, brass or fibreglass reinforced polymer.

Válvula automática de Control

Solution for greater water control.

The Hidroconta automatic control valve is a piston hydraulic valve controlled by the same fluid as the pipeline (external fluid at equal or higher pressure). These valves offer solutions in hydraulic systems for pressure, flow, level control applications, etc.

With its own technology, its operation is based on introducing the fluid over the upper part of the diaphragm, which makes the piston lower, thus causing the valve to close hermetically. The opening is produced by evacuating the fluid from the diaphragm chamber. This causes the piston to lift, and let the water pass through the valve.