AgritechMurcia’s technology attracts Uzbekistan


An institutional delegation from Uzbekistan has visited the Region of Murcia to learn about information and digitalisation systems with the aim of improving their knowledge in this field.

The government of Uzbekistan is working on a system of agricultural statistics, which envisages the introduction of reliable methods of collecting, analysing and distributing statistical data through the widespread use of information technologies.

The delegation was interested in the companies under the AgritechMurcia brand, which are committed to innovation and technology in order to respond to the challenges posed by the sector and work with knowledge organisations in the Region of Murcia.

The visit began at the Murcia Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development, IMIDA, where the SIAM station (Murcia Agricultural Information System) was shown. The network is made up of 49 automatic stations and records agrometeorological data which can be accessed free of charge and reports and maps based on this data can be obtained and downloaded.

In addition, they visited La Compañía and Hidroconta, AgritechMurcia companies, which develop technology for a more personalised and efficient agriculture. With remote control and data collection and management systems to offer the farmer the possibility of having communication at the time of the production process, through remote devices, and facilitate decision making.