Challenge 4

for positive change.

Access to technology is key to the development of agriculture.

The solutions to the new challenges of agriculture largely involve innovative technological developments. Generating collaborative links that enable these tools to be shared is a requirement for the future of agriculture.

At AgritechMurcia we guarantee and facilitate access to the technology and knowledge necessary to promote effective agriculture and thus consolidate long-term sustainable business models.

Our objectives


Facilitating access to the technology and knowledge necessary for a new agriculture will mean that we can  contribute our grain of sand to overcoming the challenges of the planet successfully.

Objective 1

Responsible production and consumption

  • Applying sustainable consumption and production methods.
  • Achieving sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.
  • Reducing food losses in production, supply, and post-harvest chains.
  • Environmentally responsible management of chemicals.
  • Help for developing countries to enhance their scientific and technological capacity so that they can move towards sustainable consumption and production.
  • Applying instruments to monitor effects on sustainable development.
Objective 2

Decent work and economic growth

  • Increasing the yield of agricultural production through technology as a lever for the generation of employment.
Objective 3

Affordable clean energy

  • Responsible energy consumption for the countryside through technology.
Objective 4

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

  • Sustainable modernization of agro industry infrastructures through innovation and technology.

At AgritechMurcia we offer different solutions to facilitate access to technology and knowledge anywhere in the world.

Our solutions

Specialist consultancy for the projection, management, and implementation of integral engineering projects.


Hydraulic plants for the efficient, ecological, and rational use of water.


Design of equipment for optimal control of irrigation water with remote control systems


Filtering equipment to protect the irrigation system.


Research into new types of cultivation adapted to the needs of each area.


Biotechnology for the sustainable production of safe food.


Computerized and automated systems to achieve high-yield cultivation.


Crop protection systems


Technology tailored to the needs of each farmer.


Collaboration with countries seeking to promote a new agro-industrial development.


Highly qualified departments offering more technologically efficient solutions.


Continuous bespoke training for the professionals using our products and services.


Our experience

for positive change


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Success stories