Challenge 5

for positive change

Innovation as the engine of positive change.

Solutions need to be found to make agriculture an increasingly efficient, productive, and sustainable business, capable of feeding a constantly growing world. A challenge that we can only face hand in hand with science and technology.

At AgritechMurcia we promote and share a continuous spirit of innovation, research, and development to guarantee a more sustainable future full of opportunities.

Our objectives


We are committed to R+D+I as the best way to align ourselves with the challenges of the SDGs.

Objective 1

Clean water and sanitation

  • Major increase in the efficient use of water resources in all sectors and ensuring water extraction sustainability…
  • Implementing integrated water resources management at all levels, including through cross-border cooperation.
  • Protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems.
  • Efficient use of water resources.
  • Supporting and boosting the participation of local communities in improving water and sanitation management
Objective 2

Reduction of inequalities

  • Achieving and maintaining growth in the income of the poor population through sustainable and high-performance development of the agricultural sector through multilateral projects financed by third parties.
Objective 3

Affordable clean energy

  • Responsible energy consumption for the countryside through technology.
Objective 4

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

  • Sustainable modernization of agro industry infrastructures through innovation and technology.

At AgritechMurcia we collaborate with universities and research centres so that we can offer innovative and effective solutions.

Our solutions

Collaboration with countries seeking to promote a new agro-industrial development.


Highly qualified departments offering more technologically efficient solutions.


Continuous bespoke training for the professionals using our products and services.


Hydraulic plants for the efficient, ecological, and rational use of water.


Design of equipment for optimal control of irrigation water with remote control systems


Filtering equipment to protect the irrigation system.


Our experience

for positive change


Success stories

Success stories