Challenge 2

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Guaranteeing the future of agriculture is the real challenge of our century.

The increase in the world population, the scarcity of water resources, loss of soil fertility and the need to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture are just some of the factors that will condition the development of agriculture.

At AgritechMurcia we have moved forward in researching and developing projects and technologies enabling us to achieve increasingly productive and healthy crops, to ensure supply to the entire population, all through a sustainable approach.

Our objectives


Transforming the landscape of agricultural production will enable us to address some of humanity’s most important sustainable development goals.

Objective 1

Zero hunger

  • Bringing an end to hunger and malnutrition and ensuring access to healthy food.
  • Doubling agricultural productivity and the income of food producers.
  • Sustainability of production systems and agricultural practices to increase productivity and production.
  • Maintenance of ecosystems.
  • Improving rural infrastructure, agricultural research, and technological development of the field.
  • Promoting agricultural development in the country itself.
  • Ending the volatility of food prices.
Objective 2

Responsible production and consumption

  • Applying sustainable consumption and production methods.
  • Achieving sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.
  • Reducing food losses in production, supply, and post-harvest chains.
  • Environmentally responsible management of chemicals.
  • Help for developing countries to enhance their scientific and technological capacity so that they can move towards sustainable consumption and production.
  • Applying instruments to monitor effects on sustainable development.
Objective 3

Life of terrestrial ecosystems

  • Combating desertification, restoring degraded land and soil, including land affected by desertification, drought, and floods.
  • Guaranteeing the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.
Objective 4

Decent work and economic growth

  • Increasing the yield of agricultural production through technology as a lever for the generation of employment.

At AgritechMurcia we develop different lines of work to help farmers guarantee an increasingly efficient and sustainable agricultural production.

Our solutions

Research into new types of cultivation adapted to the needs of each area.


Biotechnology for the sustainable production of safe food.


Crop protection systems


Technology tailored to the needs of each farmer.


Collaboration with countries seeking to promote a new agro-industrial development.


Highly qualified departments offering more technologically efficient solutions.


Continuous bespoke training for the professionals using our products and services.


Hydraulic plants for the efficient, ecological, and rational use of water.


Design of equipment for optimal control of irrigation water with remote control systems


Specialist consultancy for the projection, management, and implementation of integral engineering projects.


Our experience

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