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Fertigation equipment for asparagus cultivation


This is a project carried out with a Spanish canning company. It has an irrigation head composed of fertirrigation equipment, filter heads, PE tanks for fertilizers and a reservoir, among other facilities.

It has a set of irrigation control systems designed to provide service to a 1,000 Ha asparagus and vegetable farm, with a total area of 1,137 Ha. In addition, a reservoir of approximately 160,000 m3 has been built.

A total of 10 fertirrigation systems have been installed, each of which controls a sector of approximately 100 Ha.

In addition to the fertirrigation equipment, climate control equipment has been installed, capable of acting on the different climate elements (zenithal windows, perimeter windows, screens), depending on the values received by the different probes incorporated into the installed weather station, equipped with a wind speed and direction sensor, rain detector, external temperature and humidity sensor and solar radiation. This climate control is managed from a computer and has software for programming.