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BLUE BERRY KING EXTRADRAINE is a substrate that seeks a greater reserve of water and readily available nutrients to reduce the needs of these but without losing aeration and drainage capacity so necessary in the cultivation of blueberries. In addition, due to its special formulation, it allows the substrate to last more years without losing its initial physical characteristics.

Cultivo hidrológico de tomate

Tomato in hydroponics with v-channel

In this project for tomato cultivation, the Auxprotec V-channel is used, specially designed to collect the drainagespecially designed to collect the drainage of the cultivation

Canal NFT

NFT channel

This lettuce growing project uses the Auxprotec® NFT gutter specially designed for the use of micro irrigation for a constant recirculation of water which helps

Cultivo Hidropónico

Hydroponic tomato growing

In this project has used the Economy Auxprotec® drainage gutter as the most economical version and as a semi-rigid gutter ideal for water evacuation