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We offer you high technology solutions adapted to your needs, to make your crop profitable in any part of the world

AgritechMurcia is an agricultural technology platform of the Region of Murcia (Spain), a business initiative endorsed by the regional government, composed of 21 companies of the sector, research centres (Cebas-Csic and Imida) and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

The experience of our companies, in close collaboration with knowledge centres, develops cutting-edge technology that can be adapted to any crop, terrain or climate, with high production profitability and environmental sustainability.

Our technology is present in more than one hundred countries, where we advise and offer integral solutions to governments and cooperation agencies for the development of technical and agribusiness projects in rural areas; to irrigation communities, for the design and implementation of their facilities; and to large and small producers, throughout the production process. We also complement the knowledge and training of technicians and field professionals for the optimal application and management of technology.

We are backed by our experience in transforming difficulties into success

The Region of Murcia represents 2.2% of the Spanish territory and 3% of the national water resources for agriculture. For more than 40 years, in this region of arid Mediterranean climate, low rainfall, limited water resources and soils with few nutrients, we have learned to identify the demands of each crop and soil, to control costs and to implement the most sustainable solutions and practices that allow us to maximize production with the greatest efficiency in resource management. Technology and the optimum management of every drop of water have made the Region of Murcia the Garden of Europe, from where more than 20% of Spain’s fruit and vegetable production is exported. The high levels of quality and food safety allow us to reach the most demanding markets.

At AgritechMurcia, we work so that our clients develop useful, efficient, social and sustainable projects, with the precise technology adapted to each crop and place in the world, in order to obtain maximum profitability

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Invernadero cannabis

Greenhouses for cannabis cultivation

Construction of two greenhouses for cannabis cultivation equipped with the latest technology for production: drip irrigation, fertigation, climate control, ventilation and humidity systems, heating, screens

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