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AgroLucas, began its journey in 1970, with a clear mission that remains intact today: to work for and for each of our customers and for our land. Thus, we select and implement solutions and protocols that allow the production processes to be more efficient, which allows us to make their efforts profitable in the care of our environment, which protects and sustains us and allows us to offer the best fruits in the most demanding markets.

To achieve this, we work with leading companies in the plant health and nutrition sectors, with the experience in service that our extensive experience gives us. At AgroLucas we have a professional, qualified team, in continuous training, experienced and committed to making our clients’ commitment to their crops and their environment profitable, allowing them to achieve competitive, efficient, profitable, innovative and respectful solutions.

This is undoubtedly the Vision of AgroLucas: to be a benchmark in terms of its values of professionalism, innovation, technique and performance in the sector, and of commitment to the care and enhancement of our environment, our land and its fruits, as well as the personal and professional growth of our team.