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Nutricontrol is a benchmark in the development of technological solutions for irrigation, fertigation and climate control. With more than 30 years of experience in research and development, it is positioned as an expert in the sector, providing high quality products and services.

It has its headquarters in Cartagena (Spain) as the epicenter of its operations, from where it coordinates its activities at national and international level with two strategic subsidiaries in Mexico and Morocco, allowing it to expand its global presence and adapt to the needs of different markets.

It offers a wide range of products and solutions, including irrigation and climate controllers, fertigation equipment, wireless communication, irrigation and climate probes, complete electrical panels, as well as turnkey projects. Nutricontrol’s software and applications also play a key role in the efficient and accurate management of its equipment.

Its main commitment is to ensure that farmers obtain maximum yields from their crops with minimum personal effort, developing innovative and reliable technological solutions that optimize water and climate resources, guaranteeing sustainable and profitable cultivation. Guided by their values of expertise, quality, research and innovation, they work closely with their customers to provide them with the tools they need to achieve success in their farming operations.

At Nutricontrol, they envision a future in which agriculture is increasingly efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable. Therefore, they are committed to continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology, being the trusted partner for farmers in their quest for excellence in irrigation, fertigation and climate control.


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Water treatment

AQUOS is a desalination plant that uses reverse osmosis technology, thus transforming brackish water into optimal water for use in irrigation. Its maximum reliability, compact design, easy handling and minimal maintenance make Aquos the ideal solution for today’s agriculture.

Main features:

• Production: 1.6 to 42 m3/h.
• Make-up water: brackish water (TDS*: up to 3000 mg/l). • Open Skid structure or sea container.
• Automation of start/stop and equipment cleaning.
• Quality of treated water in compliance with the quality

requirements established in the WHO’s Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.


• Filtration through a zeolite and pyrolusite bed (5 μm). • Filtration by microfiltration cartridges (1 μm).
• Desalination by reverse osmosis membranes.


Climate control

Los controladores de clima de la gama V4 están especialmente diseñados para conseguir las condiciones climáticas óptimas dentro del invernadero. Controlan automáticamente los actuadores presentes en el invernadero (ventanas, calefacción, pantallas, sistema de humidificación, ventiladores, etc.) en base a las lecturas de las sondas.

Los modelos están disponibles en versión empotrar en el cuadro eléctrico y superficie. Los controladores de clima de la gama V4 trabajan con tensiones de 12 VDC o 24 VAC indistintamente, y presentan 16 salidas digitales, 8 entradas digitales e incluyen la tarjeta de 8 entradas analógicas (contiene 3 entradas digitales).

Los controladores son fácilmente ampliables en prestaciones (pasando de un modelo a otro superior a través de un código), entradas y salidas (mediante módulos de expansión).



The stable provision of fertilisers and acid improves the quality and yield of the crop. The Minimac Vs fertigation machine is a basic and affordable manual solution for your crops.

It includes a pH and EC visualizer that makes it easier to select the ideal flow on each injection line. Moreover, it shows the temperature of the solution and emits a light signal that indicates a pH and/or conductivity alarm when there is a deviation in the measurement. The provision of fertilisers and acid (or base) is done through efficient and precise Venturi type injectors, so that the number of moving parts is minimal. This equipment is manufactured on a stainless steel structure. The design of Minimac Vs is compact and robust, giving it a long useful life, practically nil maintenance and making it easier to transport and install it.

Minimac Vs is the ideal option for small and medium-sized agricultural installations that require a simple and practical injection machine.



The optimization of fertilizers and the responsible and efficient use of irrigation water is the challenge of current agriculture. Minimac A is a fertigation equipment that applies the appropriate amount of water and fertilizers to the crop at the optimum time and in a homogeneous way, achieving an increase in the production and crop quality.

Minimac A is specially designed to maintain the precision in fertigation of small and medium-sized farms, both greenhouse and open-air farms, soil or hydroponic crops, nurseries, drip irrigation and sprinkler. All of this can be controlled from your smartphone, your installation in your pocket.

Accuracy in the dosage of fertilizer and acid or base for stable control of pH and EC is achieved through Venturi type injectors, which perform their work without moving parts. Manufactured on a stainless steel structure, Minimac A is an equipment with a long useful life, low maintenance and high energy efficiency. Thanks to its compact and robust format, it facilitates its transport and its integration in both new projects and existing projects.

NTC DataLogger

Help in decision making / Monitoring

The NTC DataLogger range presents autonomous equipment for monitoring and recording climatic and agronomic variables, in any crop: horticultural, fruit trees, etc.

Depending on the model, the equipment records the soil moisture, temperature and EC readings, soil matrix potential, water consumption, ambient temperature and humidity, solar radiation, precipitation, and wind speed and direction. And in addition, they perform calculations of: evapotranspiration (ETo and ETc), vapor pressure deficit (VPD), water deficit (WD), dew point and accumulation of chill hours.

The equipment has a web access as a system interface to consult the readings in real time, from any smartphone, tablet or PC:

Among the features are:
• Customizable system.
• Graphs of the readings (possibility of viewing several

sensors on the same graph).
• Notification of alarms (two configurable levels). • Easy installation and assembly.
• Plug & play connection.


Radio remote communication

REDIN is a wireless communication system via radio, which allows to connect the irrigation control equipment of the V4 range to remote input and output modules (routers), creating a network or mesh of low-consumption nodes. Any of them can act as a receiver, repeater and transmitter.

REDIN is the ideal communication system for those large farms where there is difficulty to perform a cable installation.

Main features:

• Frequency range: ISM 2.4 GHz.
• Transmit power: 10 mW maximum.
• Reach between nodes of up to 1200 m in direct




To maintain a balance in the application of nutrients results in greater control over your crop and improvement of the quantity and quality of production. A stable fertigation is the key to success of current agriculture.

Nutrimac Big Flow is the latest generation of fertigation, the ideal tool for total control of your crop, a unique equipment in the market for its large injection capacity, offering better results with less effort, optimization of available resources and savings of energy, water and fertilizer.

It presents motorized valves with analogue input that allows an adjustable continuous injection, giving rise to a linear adjustment of the EC, real stability.

The Nutrimac Big Flow fertigation equipment is specially designed for the controlled and efficient contribution of fertilizers and acid (base) to the irrigation network in large areas of cultivation. Its use is also recommended for the application of organic fertilizers.

Nutrimac Big Flow is a robust equipment, with stainless steel structure, low maintenance and long service life.


Precision control

Nutricontrol offers a wide range of equipment for the control and management of irrigation and fertigation in all types of crops.

The models are available in an embedded in the electrical panel and surface version. The irrigation controllers of the V4 range work with voltages of 12 VDC or 24 VAC indistinctly, and have 16 digital outputs, 8 digital inputs and include the pH and EC sensor card (except Mastia 132).

The controllers are easily expandable in performance (going from one model to a higher one through a code), inputs and outputs (through expansion modules).