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Containerized desalination plant for avocado irrigation in Chile


Esta solución garantiza un agua de riego con una conductividad inferior a 50 micro siemens, beneficiando el sistema radicular del aguacate y consiguiendo el objetivo productivo establecido por el productor.

With the aim of increasing productivity and achieving maximum profitability per hectare of avocado, this producer is doubling the size of its plantation, maintaining a single water supply, coming from a well.

The high iron and manganese content of this water, together with high conductivity, pose a major problem for avocado irrigation. On the other hand, the remote location prevents the possibility of carrying out civil works, so this 100m3/h containerised desalination plant is the best solution and also reduces costs.


Pre-treatment system in the inlet tank, to rust the water and precipitate the dissolved iron. Disc filtration system with air-assisted cleaning to remove precipitated iron and manganese, as well as other suspended solids. Bed composed of flint, anthracite and pyrolusite to oxidise and retain the remaining iron and manganese. Complete safety filtration system and high performance, low energy consumption reverse osmosis membranes.

This solution guarantees irrigation water with a conductivity lower than 50 micro siemens, benefiting the avocado root system and achieving the productive objective established by the producer.