Desalinizadora uso agroalimentario

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Water desalination for irrigation and agro-food industry


Desalination equipment for brackish or saline water from aquifers with high salinity and which, without treatment, is not suitable for use in the agro-food industry. The customer raised the need to carry out the installation outdoors due to space problems, adopting the solution of installing all the equipment on a standard maritime container of 40 feet completely adapted, which has the double function of housing the equipment and facilitating the transport to the destination on the container itself. As can be seen in the photograph, the installation of the equipment is very simple, being reduced to placing it in its final position and connecting it. The operation of the installation generates significant savings in drinking water that is available for other uses in the municipality (public supply), as well as a large saving in the price of the bill, since in these cases, the cost per cubic metre (depending on salinity), between 10 and 30 cts.

The production is 600 m3/d