The Region of Murcia participates in the First World Water Forum in Bali (Indonesia).


Sergio Montesinos, head of Development of AgritechMurcia: “Murcian agricultural biotechnology, fertigation, water treatment and control open lines of business with Southeast Asia”.

The AgritechMurcia group of companies and research centers end their participation in the World Water Forum in Bali (Indonesia) with excellent business expectations offering their most advanced technology in management and optimization of water use.

AgritechMurcia’s business ecosystem stands out as one of the world leaders in water reuse for agriculture and in the rational use of water resources through advanced automated drip irrigation systems. In addition, its contribution in biotechnology and post-harvest equipment for the certification of products destined for export strengthens its position in the international agricultural market.

Participation in the World Water Forum in Bali has enabled AgritechMurcia to establish key relationships in Southeast Asia and other regions, boosting the implementation of its technologies.

Murcia, May 24, 2024.- The business and research ecosystem of AgritechMurcia, leader in agricultural biotechnology and fertigation systems, has actively participated in the World Water Forum in Bali (Indonesia) with several companies from the Region of Murcia. They have presented to the various global operators their most advanced technologies in management and optimization of water use developed by the group’s companies and research centers such as IMIDA, CEBAS and UPCT.

This event is the largest international meeting dedicated to the optimal use of water resources and brings together key decision-makers from the public and private sectors responsible for the management of this vital and scarce resource.

Leadership in Agricultural Innovation

Sergio Montesinos Fuster, head of Development and Business of AgritechMurcia, stressed the importance of giving global visibility to Murcian agricultural biotechnology and fertigation because they provide an opening of new lines of business with Southeast Asia, with markets that exceed 300 million inhabitants.

“Our participation in the Forum gives us the opportunity to showcase state-of-the-art developments in the Southeast Asian market and establish relationships with key interlocutors in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and China. In addition, this event facilitates close contact with countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Australia and Italy, and with international institutions such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,” said Montesinos Fuster.

Montesinos also highlighted the various areas of AgritechMurcia’s leadership in the context of agriculture at the international level. “We could say that we are indeed leaders in wastewater management for agriculture and in the optimization of use through the application of automated drip irrigation, including fertilization systems and automatic fertigation equipment. In addition, our innovations in biotechnology and post-harvest equipment for the certification of products destined for the export market position us at the forefront of the sector,” he added.

Expansion and International Collaborations

AgritechMurcia’s presence at the forum was aimed at specifying projects and advancing the conversations held in recent years with countries such as Ivory Coast, Senegal and Mauritania. “We also seek to initiate and identify projects to increase our presence in Southeast Asia and other regions where we can implement our technology and business model,” said Montesinos.

The growth opportunities for AgritechMurcia are extensive. The head of Development and Business has pointed out that, with the current focus of international governments and multilateral agencies on food solidarity, new possibilities are opening up for us to participate in agricultural programs. “Our experience and R&D&I allow us to transfer our business model to these programs, contributing to sustainable agricultural development in various regions of the world,” he explained.

Looking to the future, Montesinos also highlighted the importance of the next edition of the World Water Forum, to be held in Saudi Arabia. “For us it is important because of the development that Saudi Arabia is having in the renewal, modernization and incorporation of our technological systems for agricultural production and food security. So, our presence and participation in the following editions is essential,” he concluded.

Participation in the World Water Forum in Bali underlines AgritechMurcia’s commitment to innovation and global expansion, positioning itself as a key player in efficient water management and sustainable agricultural development.