Exports of agricultural technology Made in Murcia increase by 18%


Irrigation equipment, crop protection and agricultural machinery among the most in demand

Agricultural technology Made in Murcia is increasingly in demand around the world for its efficiency, profitability and sustainability. In fact, last year exports of irrigation technology increased by 18 percent, reaching 81 million euros.

The main customers are such demanding markets as the United States, Mexico, France, China and Egypt. The most in demand was irrigation equipment, followed by crop protection, agricultural machinery and post-harvest machinery.

AgritechMurcia is part of the regional agro-technological ecosystem, which is made up of some 200 companies with a turnover of more than 1,000 million euros per year and employing some 3,500 workers. The companies develop technology for fertigation solutions, remote irrigation control, valves, automation, hydroponic crops, machinery and climate control, among others.

The AgritechMurcia industrial group is supported by INFO , which offers a wide field of collaboration in international markets with the development of activities dedicated to the promotion of agricultural technology abroad.