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Integrated management of efficient and safe regeneration and reuse of urban waste water in agriculture


The REUSAGUA project works in the field of agriculture, bringing together the use of alternative water resources (regenerated water) with information and communication technologies.

The aim is to develop management practices and protocols for the management of irrigation necessary to achieve sustainable agricultural production.

In a working environment of multidisciplinary research and high scientific-technical quality, the aim is to develop knowledge and management practices necessary for sustainable agricultural production using regenerated water as a water resource. In addition, to provide innovative technologies and solutions and recommendations for good use practices that allow the use of this type of water in agriculture in an efficient and safe manner.

The presence of emerging contaminants in water resources is beginning to be of great concern at European level. For this reason, the integration of advanced purification technologies for the elimination of emerging contaminants will be crucial to obtain regenerated water in an efficient, quality and safe manner. This will increase the confidence of both farmers and the final consumers of irrigated products, and will make it possible to manage it correctly.

The project is financed by the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia. Public research bodies, universities, irrigation system production companies, urban waste water treatment companies, companies and environmental management technology centres are participating.