The AgritechMurcia-UPCT PhD offers specialist courses in the cultivation of hemp and horticulture


The registration period, in online and semi-presential mode, will be open from 1 to 21 December

A highly technical agriculture where new technologies are incorporated increases the efficiency and competitiveness of the agri-food sector. In view of the high demand of professionals capable of approaching the production in greenhouses with a high technological equipment, the Chair of AgritechMurcia-UPCT, after the success of the last edition, offers again the courses of ‘Specialist in hemp cultivation in greenhouses with technology’ and ‘Specialist in management of horticultural crops in greenhouses with technology’.

These are university degrees that have been widely supported in the technology-based greenhouse cultivation sector. The training provides the guidelines and knowledge tools needed to maximise crop profitability, as well as to grow in extreme climates.

In particular, the course ‘Specialist in hemp cultivation in greenhouses with technology’ covers all the knowledge needed for hemp production. Hemp has many industrial, pharmaceutical and food uses, making it an ideal candidate for investors and farmers looking to maximise their profits in a sector with vast possibilities.

On the other hand, the course ‘Specialist in the management of horticultural crops in greenhouses with technology’ aims to train technicians who are able to carry out production in greenhouses with high technological equipment. As well as getting the most out of the facilities in order to maximise yields and use of resources. In this edition, as a novelty, a module will be exclusively dedicated to berries.

The courses, with a duration of five months, will be given from 20 January to 31 May 2021. The modality is online/semi-presential, with classes and tutorials by video conference on Thursday afternoons from 16:00 to 20:00 (Spanish time), compatible with working hours and different time zones. Also, the possibility of consulting the recorded classes afterwards is offered.

The pre-registration period will be open from 1 to 21 December. For more information here.