AgritechMurcia visits potential agricultural production areas in Mauritania


AgritechMurcia returns to Mauritania to visit potential agricultural production areas in the south of the country with medium-term commercial expectations. Mauritania has great potential and they are looking to incorporate Murcian technology that is easily adaptable to any type of production and climate. The mission, organised by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO), and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and INFO. In addition, has had the institutional support of the Regional Minister for Enterprise, Social Economy and the Self-Employed, Valle Miguélez.

This visit is a continuation of the trade mission carried out last November. On this occasion, in addition to the group’s companies, training and research organisations from the AgritechMurcia ecosystem participated, such as the Murcian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development (Imida). Collaboration on financing and training for local farmers will be finalised in the coming months.

During the trade mission, potential production areas were visited in the south of the country, in the regions of Rosso and Kaedi, close to the Senegal River, where contacts were made with industrial groups with the interest and financial capacity to develop agricultural projects aimed at export markets, as well as with communities of small landowners who have agreed to rent their land and who have the endorsement of this commitment from the Mauritanian government.

A meeting was also held with ministerial leaders in the capital, Nouakchott, to seek government involvement and create a legal framework for investors and the mobilisation of resources from multilateral organisations active in the country for infrastructure development.