AgritechMurcia attends the 9th World Water Forum as an Ecosystem for sustainable water management


The agro-industrial group will hold meetings with international organisations to share its experience in water efficiency solutions for irrigation

he Forum is the largest global event for discussion, planning and design in the field of water

AgritechMurcia attends for the first time to the World Water Forum, which celebrates its 9th edition in Dakar, Senegal, from 21 to 25 March, to contribute with its solutions in sustainable water management. The Forum is the largest global water event that brings together governments, multilateral agencies, the private sector and civil society organisations to plan, discuss, design and evaluate progress and innovation in water.

During the forum, AgritechMurcia will contribute its experience in efficient water management to international organisations. It should be remembered that technology and optimal management of every drop of water have turned the Region of Murcia into the ‘Huerta of Europe’, from where more than 20 percent of Spain’s fruit and vegetable production is exported to the EU, with only 3 percent of the country’s water resources being used for agriculture, in addition to the reuse of 99 percent of the wastewater generated in the MR, the highest percentage in Europe. This is due to the efficient use of irrigation water, which optimises water and fertiliser consumption and increases crop profitability.

The companies of the AgritechMurcia group have been at the forefront for years designing equipment for optimum irrigation water control such as meters, valves, and incorporating the latest technology in remote control systems.

As part of the Forum programme, AgritechMurcia will take part on Tuesday in the round table discussion ‘Non-conventional water sources and reuse’. The activities continue on Wednesday with the presentation of the eco-sustainable project to modernise irrigation with reclaimed water for 2,500 hectares, designed under the approach of circular economy, zero discharge and energy efficiency.

AgritechMur is participating in the ICEX  Spain Pavilion along with other companies, institutions and experts. The World Forum seeks to consolidate the international presence of companies and show leadership in the water sector, not only at the planning, engineering, construction and operation level, but also at the technological level, in order to create a new sustainable agriculture.

The ninth Forum, organised by the World Water Council and the Government of Senegal, is themed ‘Water Security for Peace and Development’ and is the first time it is being held in sub-Saharan Africa to seek greater collective action for the continent.