Solución: Hydroponic cultivation


Growing papaya in hydroponics

This is a turnkey project carried out for the production of papayas in Mexico. An irrigation head was supplied, consisting of fertigation equipment, PE fertilizer

Proyecto Invernadero lechuga Irán

Lettuce greenhouse project in Iran

High technology project. Fully automated for the production of different varieties of lettuce in hydroponics. It is characterised by the use of several humidification systems

Complete seedbed project

Project designed to be able to grow seedlings of different varieties of vegetables all year round in an arid climate as adverse as that of

Proyecto tomate cherry marruecos

Hydroponic Cherry Tomato

Project developed for a European public body. The objective is to develop and promote agriculture and employment in the region concerned in Morocco. Complete project.

Invernadero con calefacción geotermal

Greenhouse with geothermal heating

The project includes high technology with geothermal energy heating. It has all the equipment for intensive cucumber production in hydroponic cultivation with an extreme continental