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Sustainable management of reclaimed water in the Miraflores Irrigation Community, Murcia


This is a periodic monitoring of the physical, chemical and microbiological quality of the reclaimed water from the WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant). The objective is the adequate management, both from the point of view of its agronomic application to the crops and management of the irrigation installations, as well as its quality standards. Likewise, the project includes the realization of annual training courses for its community members on the integral and sustainable management of this non-conventional water resource. In addition, it offers recommendations for fertigation thanks to a web support for instant on-line data transmission.

This project includes water sampling during the whole process; physical-chemical analysis and microbiological analysis of the irrigation water; characterisation of the irrigation water; control of the irrigation system and training of community members and preparation of an informative/divulgatory document.

Intended for Irrigation Communities that use the reuse of treated water in their irrigation systems.

Destinado a Comunidades de Regantes que utilicen la reutilización de aguas depuradas en sus sistemas de riego.