AZUD conference at the University of San Pablo, Brazil


Last week theTechnical Director, Jose Maria Buitrago, gave a lecture at the International Reference Center on Water Reuse-CIRRA / IRCWR, within the cycle of international conferences “Treatment of ultrafiltration membrane concentrate by chemical process”, organized by the researcher Mauricio Costa Cabral da Silva at the UNIVERSITY OF SAN PABLO (BRAZIL).

The lecture given by Jose Maria Buitrago (Technical Director of AZUD), entitled “Current problems and trends in the use of filtration systems in industrial and municipal applications.” Selection criteria to optimize the application from the economic, ecological point of view and its integration in the process. ”

Within the organizers, the Distributor os AZUD VIBROPAC managed to gather more than 80 people in the audience, including prominent technicians from the water treatment and reuse sector, as well as expert academics in the field.

Likewise, José María was interviewed by the main magazine of the sector – Portal of Water Treatment – led by Eduardo Pacheco, prestigious technician of the sector in Brazil.

Link to the interview: