AgritechMurcia shows in the ‘Agrofuturo 2024’ conference to the young farmers of the Region of Murcia the cutting-edge biotechnology that can make possible the generational replacement.


The business ecosystem of AgritechMurcia has actively participated in the ‘Agrofuturo 2024’ day where it has introduced young farmers in the Region of Murcia to the cutting-edge technology that can make the generational replacement possible.
The companies, research and training centers that make up AgritechMurcia maintain a deep contact with the new generations of the agricultural world that are essential to maintain the idiosyncrasy of the agricultural production of the Autonomous Community that is valued and recognized in European and world markets for its high quality and food safety.

AgritechMurcia aims to bring new technologies and their R&D&I applications to the 3,700 farmers in all the municipalities of the Region of Murcia. The innovative systems of the associated companies improve production processes from the first moment and achieve greater efficiency in production with more economic performance in an environmentally sustainable way.

In order to achieve comprehensive efficiency, it is important to transfer the knowledge of advanced techniques of land production, optimal fertigation, various areas of agricultural engineering, water treatment and control, etc., to remain an international benchmark, as are the companies of AgritechMurci

Conference ‘Agrofuturo 2024’.

The day ‘Agrofuturo 2024’, organized by the Community, was attended by more than 200 participants, and it discussed the challenges and the future of the field of the Region of Murcia. Thus, for example, agricultural entrepreneurs shared success stories with attendees, and there was also space to reflect on innovation and application to the primary sector of digital platforms.