The Region of Murcia and AgritechMur collaborate on technology transfer to the agricultural sector


Promoting the transfer of innovative technology to the agricultural sector is the aim of the collaboration agreement signed between the Murcia Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development (Imida) and the Agricultural Technology Association (AgritechMur).

The regional minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Antonio Luengo, signed today with the president of AgritechMurcia Luis Miguel Peregrín, the agreement that aims to increase production profitability, efficiency and sustainability through innovation and digitisation in the agricultural, livestock and fisheries fields.

The Agriculture Minister stressed that “we must offer solutions based on science, technology and innovation that contribute to the transformation of the regional agri-food sector, and consolidate it as a national benchmark”.

Luengo assured that “the agri-food sector is a fundamental pillar in the Region, from a social and economic point of view, and we must respond to the challenges of sustainability and digitalisation that it faces, with the aim of providing technological solutions that improve competitiveness and care for the environment”.

Translated with DeepL

The agreement that aims to increase the profitability of production, efficiency and sustainability through innovation and digitisation in agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

Through this agreement, both entities undertake to jointly carry out or finance studies and research projects in those areas considered to be of common interest and to evaluate the results of research projects carried out by Imida.

They will also create joint research, consultancy and transfer units for the regional agri-food sector and the environment.

Furthermore, they will promote training activities and cooperation in the development of dissemination and social awareness programmes in relation to the agricultural, livestock, forestry, fishing, seafood, marine aquaculture, algae farming and other sectors related to the food and environmental chain.