Seedbeds & nurseries


The production and marketing of new seeds and own vegetable varieties have always been one step ahead in the Region of Murcia. The market demands quality and speed in this sector and the companies in Murcia have followed this path so they don’t stay behind. The costs for Research and Development are around 20% the general budget of the companies and the main consumers of this kind of products adapted to the needs of every area are the foreign markets: Japan, South America, European and African countries… In order to achieve the best quality, the research has been directed to the improvement and resistance of vegetable species and the creation of new varieties and colours on the one hand and the improvement of the facilities on the other hand: crops without soil, maintaining the ideal temperature for summer and winter and optimum irrigation conditions. The future challenge for the companies in Murcia focuses now on ecological farming, where some companies in the sector have already started.

The creation of new vegetable varieties is one of the reference points in the companies from Murcia in this sector. This includes a continuousmodernization of the facilities and a permanent research on new farming techniques adapted to the needs of every area.