Mechanical pruning and cultivation management


During the last decades and in parallel with the agricultural activity, an agricultural machinery industry has been developed in the Region of Murcia, which has allowed the viability and profitability of crops to increase, both regionally, nationally and anywhere else in the world, through mechanization and spraying systems.

This industry is made up of companies with a long history in the sector, great experience and a spirit of constant innovation and improvement, which have transferred technological advances to the countryside, designing and incorporating high quality technological machines into the market for all types of agricultural work (weeding, tilling, pruning, fertilizing, etc.), both for viticulture, horticulture, arboriculture and olive growing, and for the phytosanitary protection of crops through hydraulic, hydro-pneumatic, electrostatic or centrifugal spraying equipment.

Machines equipped with exclusive technology, adaptable to the needs of each client and operation, effective and efficient, which increase agricultural productivity through the use of electronic and computerized devices and which reduce the consumption of products (phytosanitary, fertilizers, manure…) and resources such as fuel, thus being more respectful of the environment and promoting sustainable agriculture.