The experience accumulated by the Region of Murcia in the agro-food production sector and international marketing is backed up by the significant number of agro-food exports that this region makes to the European Union and the world. This knowledge of the business makes it an experienced partner for countries that want to promote new agro-industrial development and identify commercial possibilities and the appropriate international channels.

It is of special interest to countries in geographical areas that have production calendars and/or crops that are complementary to those obtained in Murcia, as well as those whose main destination is alternative markets to those in Europe and who wish to start up in Europe with experienced commercial partners.

The Instituto de Fomento, the Public Development Agency of the Regional Government of Murcia that supports the AgritechMurcia platform, can facilitate the contact between the public bodies and companies of any interested country and the wide agro-industrial sector of the Region of Murcia (companies, private bodies and public organisations), with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge, analysing possibilities of development of technological and commercial partnerships or promoting investments.