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Safety from water with high organic load


The Northern Cape province is a very dry area, where the main source of water comes from the Orange River (highly loaded, changing water with a high amount of suspended solids).
The best solution for this casuistry is the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC disc filtration system, in this case we chose 2 AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL6/10FX DLP 200MG filter units, for a flow of 360 m3/h.

A very robust system able to treat heavily loaded water and to perform a correct backwashing even if the differential pressure between the outlet manifold and the drain manifold is not too big.
One of the main advantages of AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC is the 3D filtration, thanks to the geometry of the disc, this type of filtration is especially recommended for water heavily loaded in organic matter, as it is the case.
On the other hand, the system can also backwash only with a differential pressure of 1.5 bar between the outlet and the drain manifold. As we have a pressure of 1 bar at the drain, we designed the system to operate only at 2.5 bar at the outlet manifold, optimizing energy consumption to the maximum.