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Biostimulation to increase production and extend the life of ornamental plants


The project will design a cultivation protocol to obtain quality ornamental plants in the shortest possible time. In addition to extending the useful life in the period of transport and sale.

The innovation proposed is the combination of different cultivation and fertilisation strategies with biostimulants that manage to improve the critical points of the different varieties.

Common denominators are sought, such as the hormonal imbalance that occurs during transport and which causes a loss of product quality. Similarly, the aim is to reduce the input of fertilisers and water, optimising their use to reduce costs and be more respectful of the environment.

The project provides technical advice on irrigation management and the application of biostimulants. Collaboration in the formulation of new biostimulant products and in the mineral analysis of samples. In addition to statistical studies and interpretation of their results, as well as the study of hormonal responses of plants.