Nigeria  busca aumentar la eficiencia de sus cultivos con tecnología ‘made in Región de Murcia’

Nigeria seeks to increase the efficiency of its crops with technology ‘made in Murcia’

A business delegation from the African country visited AgritechMurcia companies this week to learn about their agro-technological innovation solutions

AgritechMurcia member companies are showing their agricultural innovation to a Nigerian delegation this week. The aim is to undertake cooperation and collaboration actions in the field of agricultural technology transfer.

AgritechMurcia members have developed a technology capable of adapting to different climatic conditions that make their technological solutions easily exportable and profitable.

This visit is part of a series of actions between Nigeria and AgritechMurcia aimed at promoting knowledge and commercial exchanges in the field of agricultural and technological development. In addition, in the coming weeks an agreement will be signed that will include different actions such as the development of cooperation projects for the modernisation of companies, planning the development of agricultural and communication technologies, business meetings and technology transfer, among others.

Nigeria offers business opportunities in the sector that want to boost the agricultural industry and its derivatives, and that have looked to the regional model as an example to follow. The use of high technology makes it possible to obtain higher yields, achieve quality and, moreover, grow crops in areas with extreme climates.

AgritechMurcia, made up of a group of agricultural technology companies present in more than 100 countries, with the support of research centres and the administration of the Region of Murcia, offers a wide range of adapted, reliable and safe solutions to meet the challenges of agriculture.