Solución para cultivo hidropónico

New solution for the hydroponic cultivation of strawberries in pots without a bag


The Murcian company Hydroponic System , a partner of the AgritechMur industrial group, is launching the HS Evolution Pot, its new solution for growing strawberries in pots with a customised substrate on a raised metal channel.

It is a system with special advantages that favour environmental care and savings for growers. By allowing the use of personalised substrate inside the pot, it does not require plastic bags to contain it, thus avoiding the use of this type of plastic and the costs associated with its purchase and removal.

The economic savings go even further, as the HS Evolution Pot is designed to last for several growing cycles due to the great strength and durability of the materials used in its manufacture. It only needs a few simple and easy cleaning and disinfection tasks between each one. The economic profitability is greater as it has a duration of several cycles. Also, profitability is improved as the narrow channel allows more rows to be placed or a zig-zag arrangement of the plants inside the pot to make more efficient use of the growing area. In addition, growers can choose the substrate they want to grow strawberries in, thus gaining more flexibility.

These advantages are added to the technological solutions offered by Hydroponic Systems, i.e. more aeration and oxygenation for the roots, no waterlogging, no contact between roots and drainage and great adaptability to hanging or raised supports in greenhouses.

The group of companies that make up AgritechMur are at the forefront in offering growers the most efficient, profitable and sustainable solutions on the market. The group is committed to R+D+i and the transfer of knowledge and technologies.