Murcian agricultural technology seduces Ecuador


A delegation from Ecuador visits AgritechMurcia companies interested in the latest developments to increase crop productivity

A delegation of the government of Ecuador visited this week the companies of the AgritechMurcia platform interested in the technological innovation made in Murcia. A technology for a more sustainable, efficient and productive agriculture, with techniques easy to adapt anywhere in the world to improve the quality and production of crops.

Two of the stops were in companies of the platform, Probelte and Symborg, where the Ecuadorian delegation got to know the constant research that is carried out to offer farmers innovative solutions in plant nutrition and health. These solutions help increase crop yields and are environmentally friendly.

This visit forms part of the agreement between the Region of Murcia and Ecuador to promote and develop agricultural technology through commercial and training exchanges which will be carried out through the ‘AgritechMurcia’ platform coordinated by the Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia (Info).

Tecnología agraria

The agreement is already promoting the relationship between the business sector of both parties in different activities and aspects of agricultural technology such as fertilizers, greenhouses, irrigation control, among others.

It will also facilitate the contact of experts in agricultural technology in lectures, seminars and conferences; and the transfer of technology and the sharing of knowledge between the staff of research centres.