Experts from Poland analyse the efficient management of water in the Region of Murcia


Poland is looking for good water management practices in Spain. For this reason, a delegation of technicians has chosen to visit the Autonomous Community to study the use of water resources in the Region of Murcia as an ideal model in Europe.

Polish officials from the regions of Varmia and Masuria Voivodeship held meetings and/or visited several of the companies of the Murcian industrial group AgritechMurcia, as well as other public research bodies in the agri-food sector in our Region.
AgritechMurcia has informed them about our public-private platform involved in agricultural technology, which provides various solutions to optimise the use of water and which can be an essential reference for the Department of Regional Policy of the Office of the President of the Voivodship of Varna and Masuria in Poland (Urzad Marszalkowski Województwa Warminsko – Mazurskiego).

This region located in the north-eastern part of Poland is known as the “green lung” of the country as it is a region with large tracts of forests, numerous lakes and a well-developed agrotourism infrastructure.

Despite the differences, in terms of availability of water resources, these Polish regions have similarities with the Region of Murcia, in terms of complex management of natural resources (water and forests), agricultural production and promotion of active and healthy tourism.

They were particularly interested in the AgritechMurcia model as a unique project, due to the form of joint management between companies and public research and training bodies, as well as with various departments of the regional administration and producers.

It highlights the role of INFO as a public coordinating body for the development of joint public-private activities.

The organisation of the visit to the Region of Murcia has been very satisfactory for the group of delegates from the Office of the President of the Voivodeship of Warmia and Masuria, in the framework of the Operational Programme of the Regional Development of Warmia and Masuria and subsidised by the European Social Fund.

The delegation of 12 persons visited the Murcian lands from 23 to 27 October 2023 with the aim to learn about good practices and successful implementations of smart and innovative solutions, circular and sustainable economy in water management, environmentally friendly agriculture and healthy food production.