HS SPACER, a distinguishing element with international patent.

Do you know our start product of our associated Hydroponic Systems International?


This is HS SPACER, a distinguishing element with international patent. It has been tested on 1.000 hectares of greenhouses in 12 countries worldwide.  

The company strongly recommends the real test to verify all the details “in situ”. Technically, an air chamber is generated between the grow bag and the gutter, so the drainage can get out without obstacles. This allows you to prevent waterlogging.

We also avoid that the roots don’t go out of the grow bag and come into contact with leachates, avoiding Fusarium diseases among others. In this way the growers will save on agrochemicals in order to face this type of problems.

Furthermore, root development is optimal, grow bag is uniformly hydrated and plants nutrition is balanced. The company also highlights that we always have healthier roots, which makes more productive plants. At the same time, it improves the performance of substrate bag.

HS Spacer with gutters and other accessories are the perfect sets of systems to control the drainage at ground and elevated level.

The products are manufactured with 100% virgin polypropylene (European Petrochemical Industry), high performance additives, fully standardized processes and highly functional design.